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DONG SANG with over 15 years of operating experience in the field of printing and manufacturing, serving more than large and small customers at home and abroad. We are confident to be the leading expert in the field of printing in Vietnam providing you with the best solution with products such as:

Print warranty stamps
Print receipts
Print voucher
Print the notebook
Print calendar, …

Print Warranty Stamps

In a market with great competitive power, consumers not only require businesses at good prices for products, but also have safety guarantees during use. That is why warranty printing services become the necessary partner for this need.

Print receipts

In business transactions or office administration, all units have specific types of forms that are specific to their businesses or units. Types of warehousing, sales invoices, payment slips, merchandise receipts, up to specialized forms for hospitals, schools, bars …

In voucher

Why should print voucher?

In Voucher helps individuals and businesses apply effective preferential policies because:

Each voucher has a customized level of incentives depending on different customers

Each valuable voucher attracts each potential customer

Print the notebook

Notebook is one of the popular gift products. You can easily print the logo of a book cover by pressing settlement, emulsion press or heat transfer printing to create the image you want. Therefore, leather notebooks are very popular and interesting by customers, especially event organizers. If you are looking for a custom printed address in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact us.

Print calendar

Placing a unique New Year calendar as a gift is a good way to retain affection and shorten the distance between businesses and customers.

The designs printed New Year calendar

– Spring type

– Desktop and wall type

– Square, rectangular style …

In addition to printing New Year calendar, we also accept printing with calendar bags with style and quantity as required