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Print catalogue, brochure

The printed catalog, brochure printed in DONG SANG ensure impression – professionalism, contributing to promoting potential customers to decide to use products and services of the business.

When using the catalog printing service, brochure, customers will surely be satisfied with the quality of printed catalog, brochure super sharp, beautiful, printed by the new generation Offset printing technology with the design and printing team. profession.

Importance of Catalog

Catalog is a way for businesses to bring their information and products to customers visually and vividly, attracting attention and feedback from customers.
A Catalog is compiled from words, images, beautiful presentation, consistent with the style of products, brands and consumer tastes.

Specification of Catalog printing:

– Catalog printing size: optional sizes A4, A5, A6, …
– Catalog printing materials are usually Couche, Bristol, Ford, art paper .. according to customers’ needs.
– The weight of normal Catalog printed paperboard is thicker than the weight of intestinal paper
– Catalog printing by Offset technology.
– Machining cover: Matt or gloss, emulsion, UV coating, embossing, cardboard …

Print brochure

Is an advertising strategy to help you convey information, images, messages of the business to customers effectively and deeply.

So businesses will not hesitate to design professional brochures / brochures to bring about the benefits that are hard to use money to buy. Smart investment will bring long-term effect to businesses in business and brand development.

Brochure printing specifications

– Material: Paper Couches, briston, Ford, art paper …. Depending on the needs of the customer.

– Size: Optional (A3, A4, A5, …)

– Offset printing

– Create double lines, triples or folds 4

– Processing: Glossy, matte, UV, metal pressing, embossing … cutting finished products