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Print labels, decal, sticker

Product label printing is very important, not only is a decisive factor to help the product sell faster, but also to help consumers easily distinguish the products of this business from the same products. type of other business when circulating on the market.

Conditions to ensure standard labels, decal, stickers:

– Printing labels to ensure high aesthetics:

Product labels must be beautiful to attract customers’ attention to attract customers to see the product.

– The product label must contain all product information:

Including mandatory contents such as product name, address of organization / individual responsible for the product, origin of the product and optional content (may also be required depending on the product. according to the regulation) such as: ingredients of the product, quantity, utility, usage, storage, manufacturing date, expiry date, recommendations …

– Printed product labels must be clear:

The text must be readable without being blurred, and the colors of the images are sharp and reasonably arranged

A product with a good product label will be easily noticed and received by customers, a good product label will also create confidence for customers about a quality, safe and effective product. High benefit for users

Specifications for printing labels, decal, sticker

– Offset printing technology 4-7 colors super sharp, print speed fast
– Common paper label printing materials are Fort paper decal, Couche paper
– It can be matte or glossy lamination by water or thermal film laminating machine to help withstand harsh environments such as: outdoor, frozen storage
– Cut finished products into several shapes: closing in rectangle, square, round, angular, ellipse, …