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The product post the business or the gift you are about to receive will be much more luxurious and polite when placed in a lovely bag. The printing of paper bags for products is not just a way to wrap products, it is also a useful way to advertise products. A paper bag printed with sharp, eye-catching product images will create appeal and curiosity for it. Therefore, printing paper bags also makes an important contribution in the brand identity for a certain business.

Commonly printed paper bags

– Printed Kraft paper bags most selected by the simplicity and price

– Print paper bags for fashion fashion shops to create attention points

– Print food bags, paper bags are always clean and safe

– Print elegant and luxurious gift paper bags

– Print luxury and classy paper bag

– Printing paper bags is always a must …

General specifications

– Paper type: Couches, Duplex, Kraft (cement), Ivory

– Size: High – Length – Width

– Offset printing

– Lamination: matte or glossy

– Processing, cutting, closing, punching, punching, packing.